whatever is at hand 

Welcome. I am the sole proprietor and chief bricoleur at bricolage401, which is currently based in the metropolitan area of Providence, Rhode Island. 

I take inspiration from many sources, but the notion of bricolage is strongly informed by the work of Claude Lévi Strauss, a French anthropologist and intellectual. According to Lévi Strauss: "A bricoleur is adept at performing a large number of diverse tasks; the rules of her game are to make due with whatever is at hand." A translator's note clarifies that: "The ‘bricoleur’ has no precise equivalent in English. She undertakes odd jobs and is a Jack-of-all-trades or a kind of professional do-it-yourself woman, but she is of a different standing from a 'handyman.'"

Right now I am harnessing my aptitudes in "diverse tasks" to build a sustainable business based on creative effort. I aspire to be a part of already-existing collaborative efforts as well as to have others join me to grow an economy and community based on creativity, collaboration, joy, and justice.  

I now have a business location at 22 Montgomery Street in downtown Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

Thank you for visiting this site. Please click around. I hope you feel moved to buy, sell, collaborate, or say hello. 


Mary Sokolowski